Radio Station Management System

We know very well how precious your time is. And how much things need to be done when running an Online Radio Station. That's why we created Radio Station Management System!

The only tool powerful and advanced enough to offer your full control over your Station and DJs with the least time spent on it.

Administration Interface

Highly important Functions for the Admin.

We've made it very easy for you to manage your Radio Station. Everything to save your time and make your Radio Station look Professional.

Some Admin Features:
  • Manage the DJs
  • Manage the Shows
  • See the Uploads
  • Create Invoices
  • Mass email all/some DJs
  • Add Staff Members
  • Answer Support Tickets
  • Manage your Playlists*
See Demo for the Admin Interface

DJ Interface

Highly important Functions for the DJs.

Each DJ will receive it's own password protected account in order to make everything personal and easy to manage and handle.

Some DJ Features:
  • Upload new Episodes
  • View Notifications
  • Edit Profile
  • Check/Pay Invoices
  • Contact Support
  • Open/Reply Tickets
  • Edit Account
  • See News from Admin
See Demo for the DJs Interface

Features and Benefits

Important Features and Benefits For Your Radio Station

We made sure you and your Radio Station will fully benefit from using Radio Station Management System. A very advanced System designed to help you manage everything fast and with ease.

  • Responsive Layout
  • Task Management
  • Support Ticket System
  • File Uploads
  • Admin/Staff/DJs Accounts
  • Billing System
  • 5 Payment Gateways
  • Intelligent Calendar
More details

So what can Radio Station Management System do for you?

Pretty much everything when it's about managing your Radio Station.

Manage DJs

Each DJ can receive it's own Personal Password Protected Account.

Manage Shows

Manage all the Shows and Assign them to each channel.

Manage File Uploads

View the list of the files your DJs uploaded and manage it.

Support Ticket System

Help your DJs as soon as they need your help via Support Tickets.

Free/Billed Shows

Create and manage invoices for paid shows or events on your Radio Stations.

Intelligent Calendar

Check the Calendar to always be updated with the upcoming Shows/Invoices.